Radio TV Gallery

U.S. House of Representatives

Press Conference Locations

House Gallery Studios

The Radio-TV Gallery's studios are available for news conferences subject to the following Gallery rules:

  1. For Studio A, a member must be invited by a broadcast journalist who guarantees to cover and stay throughout the duration of the event. For Studio B, a member may be invited by a broadcast OR a print journalist. The sponsor ensures there will be press to cover members’ comments.
  2. Only accredited journalists and staff of participating members may attend press conferences in the studios. In your advisory announcing the press conference, be sure to specify only accredited media are eligible to attend.
  3. The studios are reserved in one hour increments.
  4. Please contact the Radio-TV Gallery to reserve studio space.
  5. If outside guests intend to attend or participate, arrange the event at another location. Consider reserving a committee or private room in the Capitol or a House office buildings  or the House Triangle (see below).
Studio Studio
HVC Studio A 
HVC Studio B 


House Triangle

Located in the grassy triangle on the House side of the Capitol's East Front, the House Triangle is equipped with a permanent podium for press conferences and shared with accredited television media organizations doing live shots. Members wishing to schedule an event at the Triangle must contact the Gallery for availability. Participants should be limited due to the modest amount of space. Given the Triangle's proximity to the Capitol and its offices, sound amplification is NOT allowed. Non-members are allowed to participate in events as long as a member of Congress sponsors the event and is in attendance.

U.S. Capitol
House Triangle

HC Rooms

The Speaker’s Office controls scheduling for all meeting rooms in the HC area.  HC-5 and HC-8 are the only HC rooms equipped for live feeds.

Committee Rooms

Most committee rooms are suitable locations for press conferences.  Contact the committee of ownership for more information about booking. Rooms equipped for live feeds are always preferred by broadcasters. Consult our committee room information sheet for more details.