Radio TV Gallery

U.S. House of Representatives

House Complex Live Locations

U.S. Capitol Building

Capitol Rotunda
Statuary Hall
Will Rogers Statue Area
Center Steps Hallway Area
H-137 Hallway
H-217 (Speaker's Ceremonial Office)
Speaker's Office Balcony Hallway
House Triangle (East Front)
Elm Tree Site (East Front)
Studio A
Studio B
Studio C
HVC-201 A&B
HVC-215 A&B
HVC-210 (Speaker's Hearing Room)
HVC-210 Alcove
HVC SL Hallway (House Intel Committee Stakeout Area)
CVC-217 (South Congressional Meeting Room)
CVC-200 (Congressional Auditorium)

Cannon House Office Building

Cannon Rotunda 
210 CHOB (Budget Committee)
310 CHOB (Homeland Security Committee) 
334 CHOB (Veterans' Affairs Committee)

Longworth House Office Building

Longworth Lobby Stakeout East
Longworth Lobby Stakeout West
1100 LHOB (Ways and Means Committee)
1300 LHOB (Agriculture Committee)
1310 LHOB (House Administration Committee)
1334 LHOB (Temporary House Budget Committee)

Rayburn House Office Building

Rayburn Foyer
Rayburn Horseshoe Entrance
2020 RHOB (Ways and Means Committee)
2072 *formerly B-366* (House Radio-TV Gallery)
2118 RHOB (Armed Services Committee)
2123 RHOB (Energy and Commerce Committee) 
2128 RHOB (Financial Services)
2141 RHOB (Judiciary Committee)
2154 RHOB (Oversight and Government Reform Committee)
2167 RHOB (Transportation and Infrastructure Committee)
2172 RHOB (Foreign Affairs Committee)
2175 RHOB (Education and the Workforce Committee)
2200 RHOB (Foreign Affairs Committee)
2237 RHOB (Judiciary Committee)
2318 RHOB (Science, Space and Technology Committee)
2322 RHOB (Energy and Commerce Committee)
2358 RHOB (Appropriations)
2359 RHOB (Appropriations)