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U.S. House of Representatives

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Monday, December 9, 2019
The House meets at 12 pm for morning hour debate and 2 pm for legislative business.

Committee Meetings

Pool Information

9:00 AM
House Cable Channel 42
Full Committee hearing entitled “The Impeachment Inquiry into President Donald J. Trump: Presentations from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Judiciary Committee”
1100 LHOB

The hearing will be a mandatory television pool. C-SPAN will provide the following eight isolated feeds:

Dais Head On Camera #1 – CAP DA 7 (Available on Ray Return 1 in 2072 RHOB)

Dais Head On Camera #2 – CAP DA 8 (Available on Ray Return 2 in 2072 RHOB)

Witness Camera – CAP DA 9 (Available on Ray Return 3 in 2072 RHOB)

Side Camera # 1– CAP DA 10

Side Camera # 2- CAP DA 11

Front Corner Wide Shot Camera – CAP DA 12

Dual Witness Lock Down Shot – CAP DA 13

Committee Slide/Video Presentation Feed – CAP DA 14


One pool camera will be set up in the following designated area:

*In the West Lobby for media availabilities. This will be fed on CAP DA 15. (Available on Ray Return 4 in 2072 RHOB) 

  • Studio A Podium
  • Chamber zoomed out
  • Cannon Balcony
  • Capitol View
  • East Front Riser
  • East Front Sunrise
  • West Front Sunrise
  • West Front Full

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