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Committee Pool Information
Tuesday, September 30, 2014

C-SPAN Pool Cap DA 7 Member Dais ISO, (Available on DRK Return 1 in SDG-40 DSOB)
C-SPAN Pool Cap DA 8 Witness ISO (Available on DRK Return 2 in SDG-40 DSOB)
C-SPAN Pool Cap DA 9 Side ISO, (Avail on Ray Return 2 in B-366 RHOB)
FedNet Pool Cap DA 10, (Avail on Ray Return 1 in B-366 RHOB)  
House Cable Channel 35
Full Committee.  On discussing concerns for the Secret Service with the recent White House perimeter breach.  2154 RHOB.

  • Studio A Podium
  • House Chamber
  • Chamber seats
  • SOTU Stat Hall Set Up
  • SOTU Stat Hall
  • Cannon Balcony

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